birthday party

Have you agreed to host a birthday party for a special child? No doubt they are bursting with excitement about the prospect of a birthday party, an afternoon with their friends and plenty of cake, ice cream and the ubiquitous presents. You, on the other hand, may well be having a mild case of the panics.  Never fear, there are several basic tips for planning children’s birthday parties that will help make this even a piece of cake. Follow these suggestions from the professional birthday party event planners, better known as Moms, to ensure your event for the special birthday child is thrilled with their birthday party.

birthday partyBe sure to include the child in the planning. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select party ware from the fabulous options available at the Disney Store. From paper plates to party hats, the Disney Store has a huge selection that will please even the most fickle child. Select invitations to match the theme. It is strongly recommended to keep the list of invitees’ equivalent to the age of the child. If they’re about to turn 6 years old, invite no more than 6 children. Any more than this number and the birthday child is apt to be over whelmed.  The best length of the party, to allow for plenty of activities and still keep the children’s attention, is 2 to 2 and a half hours. Any more than this and the children are apt to become restless.

Depending on the age of the children, the various children’s birthday party games are truly only limited by your imagination. Pin the tail on the donkey has delighted children for generations and is a lot less expensive and more practical than engaging a clown or renting a pony.  Scavenger hunts, crafts and yard games are always crowd pleasers. Remind yourself that your goal is to entertain the children, not to impress the adults.

Finally, save the gifts from family members for a private family celebration. You certainly don’t want to over whelm the birthday child, nor do you want to over shadow the gifts brought by the guests. Take a deep breath, order the cake and enjoy your time with the children. It will all be over in less than three hours!